Blue Heaven Coffee


Blue Heaven Coffee sources its beans from the highest elevations of Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, at 4500 ft our beans our sourced from the only gateway to the famous Blue Mountain Peak, 7,402 ft above sea level. Our beans are boutique roasted as individual batches, and represent the finest Jamaica’s Blue Mountain has to offer.


Blue Heaven Coffee uses only the finest handpicked big bold beans from Screen size 19, 18 & 17, designated Jamaica Blue Mountain no.1 for both the roasted beans and roasted ground. This ensures that each cup has the fullest manifestation of notes in both aroma and taste.


Blue Heaven Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is a premium estate brand. Maintaining quality and freshness is of utmost importance. After pulping and drying, our coffee is rested for eight to twelve weeks in specially constructed silos of cured wolmanized pine.


After the beans are selected by bean size, density, color and appearance, the coffee is roasted in batches. These beans are then subjected to the final test – the cup. Recognized cuppers use their sensitive palettes to select the very best, which are then given the classification Jamaican Blue Mountain.

Blue Heaven Coffee

Our Beans

100% Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee beans, hand-picked from the highest elevation on the mountain